Program Overview

React Native Training is the perfect opportunity to learn how to use React Native. In this training, we will show you everything you need to know, from how to get started with React Native and how to build apps for iOS and Android through debugging and performance optimization.

About The Course

Discover the power of Android application development using Java and Kotlin with Android Studio frameworks. Dive into the world of mobile app creation, harnessing the versatility and performance of native development. Whether you’re in Jaipur or anywhere else, explore numerous training options such as online courses, bootcamps, or workshops tailored to your learning needs. Unlock the potential to craft high-quality, feature-rich Android apps that captivate users and propel your career forward.

  1. Introduction to Android Development
    • Overview of Android platform
    • History and evolution of Android
    • Setting up Android development environment
  2. Java/Kotlin Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Java/Kotlin programming language
    • Variables, data types, and operators
    • Control flow statements (if, else, loops)
    • Functions and methods
    • Object-oriented programming concepts (classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism)
    • Introduction to Kotlin features (if applicable)
  3. Android Studio Basics
    • Overview of Android Studio IDE
    • Creating and managing Android projects
    • Layout Editor and XML layout files
    • Building and running Android apps
  4. User Interface Development
    • Understanding Android UI components (TextView, Button, EditText, etc.)
    • Layout management (LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, ConstraintLayout)
    • Handling user input and events
    • Creating responsive and adaptive layouts
  5. Activities and Intents
    • Introduction to Activities and their lifecycle
    • Working with multiple Activities
    • Implicit and explicit Intents
    • Passing data between Activities
  6. Fragments
    • Understanding Fragments and their lifecycle
    • Fragment transactions
    • Creating flexible UIs with Fragments
    • Communicating between Fragments and Activities
  7. Data Persistence
    • Using SharedPreferences for simple data storage
    • Working with SQLite databases
    • File I/O operations
    • Introduction to Room Persistence Library (if applicable)
  8. Networking and Web Services
    • Making HTTP requests with HttpURLConnection or Retrofit
    • Parsing JSON and XML data
    • Consuming RESTful APIs
    • Handling network operations asynchronously
  9. Working with Media
    • Loading and displaying images with ImageView
    • Playing audio and video files
    • Capturing photos and videos using the camera
    • Implementing media playback controls
  10. Advanced Topics
    • Implementing user authentication and authorization
    • Using third-party libraries and SDKs
    • Working with sensors (GPS, accelerometer, etc.)
    • Integrating Google Maps and location-based services
  11. Testing and Debugging
    • Overview of Android testing frameworks
    • Writing unit tests and instrumentation tests
    • Debugging techniques and best practices
  12. Publishing Android Apps
    • Preparing apps for release
    • Generating signed APKs
    • Uploading apps to Google Play Store
    • App distribution and updates

Android Development Course Content

Course Content​
  • Introduction to Android Development with Kotlin
  • Kotlin Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Android Studio with Kotlin
  • User Interface Development with Kotlin
  • Activities and Intents with Kotlin
  • Introduction to Room Persistence Library
  • Coroutines in Android Development
  • Advanced Room and Coroutines Integration
  • Testing with Kotlin and Room
  • Debugging and Optimization
  • Data Management with Room Database
  • Asynchronous Programming with Coroutines
  • Retrofit and Network Calls
  • MVVM Architecture with Kotlin
  • Dependency Injection with Dagger Hilt
  • Working with Fragments in Kotlin
  • Handling Permissions in Android
  • Material Design Components in Kotlin
  • Integrating Firebase Services
  • Publishing Apps to Google Play Store